Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wake Up Call

I stubbed my toe late last night
while shuffling off to bed,
The pain shot from my toe
right to the top of my head.

I yelled, and screamed – jumped up and down.
I massaged my toes – rubbed them all around.
They felt much better so I resumed my trek
On down the hallway – my foot a wreck.

Next I encountered the dog’s old bone
Which he planned on chewing when all alone.
It was hard and unpleasant, soggy and wet
One of those chew things you get from the vet.

Once again I was doing my dance
As all around the house I did prance.
The next items my poor feet did encounter
My shoes lying behind the kitchen counter.
Then the dog dish and the cat’s water
I did spill – my little toesies have had their fill.

I’m wide-awake now – there’ll be no sleep tonight.
And next time - - I’ll turn on the light.

Just a "fun" poem from a true incident one night.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your feet are a lot cuter than mine! And when I stub my toes, I don't dance and jump up and down....I say words I shouldn't say (probably). I am not sure it makes my foot feel better, but it gets my mind off the pain.