Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Brother

He may be young
He may be old.
He may be a doctor,
A bricklayer,
A Lawyer or college professor
No matter
I meet my Brother
“On the Level”

He may be richer than I
He may be poorer
Drive a big car
Or an old jeep.
He may wear plain clothes
Or be a fancy dresser
No matter
I greet my Brother
“On the Level”

He may have taken his degrees over time
Or received them all in one day
For the time being
He may hold office
In the Lodge or in the state
He may be married
Have children or not
No matter
He is my Brother
And we meet
“On the Level”

The whole idea of meeting "on the level" appeals to me.  In Masonry we don't  (or shouldn't) worry about any other title that BROTHER.

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