Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Biker Santa

T’was the week before Christmas -I had lots to do
With my Christmas shopping I was only half through.
But just now I decided I needed to rest.
So it was off to the recliner and my own little nest.
The tree was up but that’s all that was done
This year Christmas just didn’t seem like fun.

I was sitting and resting with a fresh cup of coffee
Staring at that undecorated tree.
Those list’s of “to do’s” danced round in my head.
Packages needed wrapping and I must mix that batch of bread.
Presents to buy and cookies to bake
Cards to mail and sweaters to make.

With all that to do I must get busy
If I worry to much I’ll be in a tizzy,
But, it’s snowing out now so I’ll just take a nap.
I must pet the kitty who just climbed into my lap.)
Just rest awhile before starting all that work
(Lest you think that my duties I’d shirk

Then all of a sudden horns honking were heard
“What’s that” I exclaimed, “Oh my word!”
I leaped to my feet scattering coffee and cat,
Wondering about the noise, just what is that?
What is happening out there today?
I rushed to the window to see who was at play.

I gazed outside, up and down my street
And all of a sudden my eyes got a treat.
Eight bikers rode by, horns blaring and tooting
With green leather jackets and bags full of booty.
Each biker, an elf, with pointy little ears
And to my eyes came wondrous tears

I giggled, I laughed, You might say I howled.
And then I looked and spotted what followed
He came with a roar, a wave and a toot.
Oh Santa, I thought, “What a hoot!’
Biker Santa roaring by on a big red Harley
Making noise enough to wake Jacob Marley.

Christmas changes you’ve made
What plans have you laid?
He looked up with a grin and he gave me a wink.
So I pulled away from the old kitchen sink.
A wave of his hand and a smile from those cheeks
At a new way of thinking he’d given me a peek

I thought of the lists of things I needed to do.
And I realized that Santa had one too.
You shouldn’t have to rush around town
With your face set in a perpetual frown
While you cook and bake those cakes so fruity.
Christmas shouldn’t be just work and duty.

No, Christmas time comes once a year
With Santa, elves and (sometimes) reindeer
As Santa rode by on his bike of red,
He waved, grinned and then he said,
“You know, our work we should not shun
But, remember friends, Christmas should be FUN!”

Here is wishing you all a very Merry (and Fun) Christmas.

I looked out in front one day and saw this guy going by on a motorcycle dressed as SANTA.  He was having fun and it was contagious. 

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