Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Terrorist Organization?

We are not the enemy!
The Secretary of Education called the NEA a “terrorist” organization.

I’ll be a terrorist
I’ll fight
I’ll fight for the kids:
The ones who have parents too busy to care for them,
The ones with two parents at odds with each other on how to they should be raised,
The kids who come home after school to an empty apartment or get up in the morning and fix their own breakfast.
For them I’ll be a terrorist

I’ll be a terrorist
I’ll fight for the teachers who have given their lives nurturing other people’s kids.
The teachers who need a living wage but still subsidize their classrooms because there is no money in the budget for books and supplies.
The teachers who cry every night for their students.
For them I’ll be a terrorist.

I’ll be a terrorist
I’ll be glad to fight those politicians who would divide our country
And try to destroy the public schools.
By accusing the people who care the most for the students
Of not caring.
I’ll fight those who condemn all teachers and lump all students into one mold.
Who would “leave no child behind” but by their actions leave many out.
For them I’ll be a terrorist.

I’ll be a terrorist.
Because I care;
I care for the kids who have no one else to care for them.
The ones who can’t figure out how to control themselves
The ones who are “hooked” on something, anything – drugs, bad behavior,
I’ll cry for the ones who have no one to cry for them.
For them I’ll be a terrorist

Call me a terrorist –
Sure call me names.
Accuse me of fighting.
But don’t tell me I don’t care.
Because I do.
And because I do ---
I am a terrorist!

Jay Cole Simser
A proud member of the NEA terrorist organization

Again this is Therapy which helps when the "jerk" politicians bash educators.  They seem to do it regularly.  I guess I could do some things to them that would actually cause them pain but the would I not be lowering myself to their level?

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