Thursday, July 26, 2007


30233949….my name is Don 78543
Numbers! We one when we are born

345-90-0765   -  76P34421
They secure us socially and reserve our rooms

76589021 – Play the lottery
Win millions, or win a bunch
Yeah right - if we all got that much
The government would feel the crunch


They are everywhere –

Serial numbers and cereal numbers
Get this one, register that one


We wait in lines (the British wait in queues)
Thinking of numbers gives me the blues.

Coffee can be found in aisle number one
Call this number when you are done.

One and One make two
Unless they make a baby and then there are three
That’s beginning numbers
And that is enough – this poem is through,

Finished, complete, done
Oh wait, there’s more - just one (1) 

It’s all of that – and ended two (2)
(by the way I know I didn’t use the correct too)
There are three (3) of them you see
and only four (4) of me..

July 26, 2007

After a longish hiatus of writing I started writing poetry again and this is one of them. I think it is kind of fun.  I added one line tonight 9/20/07 (Writing is never finished.)

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