Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Lady Deer

This morning as I drove up the hill,
She stepped out from between the curtain of the woods.
She processed halfway across the asphalt,
paused and looked around as if to say;
”See I’m here, look at me and know that you
share my world.”
On an ordinary day the only evidence that lives exist around us are the mute still bodies
that lay beside the road – a raccoon, a skunk and occasionally a possum.. silent testimonies of lives snuffed out quickly on a dark night.

But this morning, this bright shining morning
the Lady Deer allowed me to view her for a brief,
magical moment.
A royal, magical queen of the world..
Blessing me with her presence and a glance
before proceeding on her chosen pathway
to her royal palace in the woods.

Later when I read the newspaper, I discovered that today was the opening of deer hunting season.

It was a magical moment and I relish those little moments when I see a wild animal.  This wrote itself and the irony of the final line is very poignant for me.

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