Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dick Campbell

Dick Campbell

Sometimes a man stands so tall
In our eyes that his
Life is a shining beacon for others.
Virtuous and righteous for
Everyone to emulate
Ready to help another
Fortunate are his family and friends
One such as this was our Brother, the
eXraordinary, Dick Campbell .

Jay Cole Simser
July 31, 2004

I wrote this in my head on the way back from Dick's funeral. It is an acrostic. The highlighted letters spell out his e-mail address. Dick was a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge and also of the Grand Council. He received the Columbian Award from the General Grand Council and was an outstanding man. His wife was one of my High School Teachers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Little Things

It’s the little things that matter or so they say
I hear that a little pigeon crap helped bring down a bridge in Minnesota.
Pretty little, wouldn’t you say?

Erosion eats away at mountains
The Grand Canyon was formed by a little river

Microbes so little you can’t see them

Can put a gigantic elephant on its knees.

All done by a “little thing”

A little thing that counts.

A little idea can grow into a fortune
or it can cause the loss of one.

That little baby born yesterday

becomes the center of the family’s life.

and a little puppy will brighten anyone’s day.

Little things can twist us up,
stretch us out
turn us around.
A little nap can restore our energy.

As can a little bite.

A little word or a comment can wound the soul

with pain you think will never go away

but best of all a little hug or smile can heal it
and restore your balance.

It is those “little” things that count and make a difference.

So look for the “little things” – they have big value.

September 19, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thank You Mr. Bin Laden

Thank You, Mr. Bin Laden
(Written after attending the Philadelphia Orchestra performance at C.Y. Stephens Oct. 4, 2001)
The orchestra came and got ready to play
The first violinist bowed his note.
Out came the conductor ready to lead,
The music started and the audience stood up.
We had come to hear romantic music to lift our spirits
Instead our national anthem started the program
Not a dry eye in the house - some sang along others were choked up.

Thank you, Mr. Bin Laden, for giving us back our patriotism.

We watched as our national tragedy turned into a national desire
A desire first for revenge and then for healing.
We became aware of the plight of a people
Living a world away. We saw how their government treats its own.
We became aware of the women of Afghanistan and the miserable life which is theirs.
We watched as you hid in your hole behind the skirts of the innocent.
We saw your people flee from their homes and we sent aid to help them

Thank you, Mr. Bin Laden, for turning our eyes onto you and yours.

We watched horrified on Sept. 11 when the planes took out the towers.
We saw, instantly, on our modern miracle of television as people died.
We listened to the mayor as he urged us to calm in his dignified manner.
We cried and mourned for those who became heroes as they sacrificed themselves to save others.

Thank you, Mr. Bin Laden, for showing us the heroism of our own.

We were a nation divided. Divided by party and politics.
A nation with each going their own way.
Complacent and probably unworthy of our heritage.
You brought us together with your cowardly acts.

Thank you, Mr. Bin Laden for unifying us once again.

I wrote this right after 9/11.  I did not keep a copy of it but it has been living on the Des Moines Register Web Site since then.  I discovered it while "googling" myself  (Thank you Craig Ferguson for the idea) and have reclaimed it.  It is so sad that Mr. Bush has squandered theunity we had at that time and divided us and wasted our resources with his "oil" war.