Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cochise's Grandson

Looking Back --

What can I see?

I see back to when my people were free.
Before the stealers came.

I see vast plains and unpolluted skies.
Before the spoilers came.

I see enormous herds of animals, buffaloes, deer, elk!
Before the killers came.

I see homes and families working together free and happy
Before the dividers came.

I hear the music of my world -
joyful, rhythmic, haunting

Before you came.

I took a writing workshop in Des Moines. This was one of the things I wrote down there. The really neat thing was reading it aloud to the group and hearing their applause. that is a memory I'm keeping. The picture isn't really Cochise or his grandson but i liked it. It is done with crayola's

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