Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Word:
(To those "Born Agains" who think
that they are the only ones
who are going to heaven.)

if you will
who did Jesus scorn
when He was here with us?

Was it the poor, the meek, the sinner?

Or perhaps was it the
Temple priests
the righteous Scribes
and Pharisees who
received the disapproving glance.

when you smugly tell me that
you are "Saved"
And I must think and "Be" like
Consider who it was that
Jesus scorned -
The folks like me or ?

Photo by Bob Kelly

I hate hypocrisy and to me the self-righteous so-called Christians who are described here are just awful (I was going to say despicable but wasn't sure I could spell it.)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Poised for tomorrow

Photo by Ihsan Zaatari - used with permission

Poised for tomorrow

There she stands
Just starting her journey
All dressed up in her flowered dress
and pretty pink hat

Looking forward to the future.
There are shadows on her path -
dark things which obscure
the brightness of her being

But she can see ahead
there just at the curve
the path is bright and clear
unobscured - ready for her

ready for her as she starts out
her world is getting broader
brighter, less limited
for her and her sisters
all of them

Poised for the future
ready for what tomorrow will bring
embracing the full rich life
that awaits her.

Jay Cole Simser
June 24, 2012