Monday, October 18, 2010


Another Monday morning
The "boys" are out back checking
to see if the yard is still there.

Peeing in the grass
sniffing around
The big puppy wants to play
the older dog not so much
He is somewhat senile and arthritic
sort of like me

15 years for him is 105 you know

A whisper bumps up against my leg
Kitty cat wants me to recognize that she
also is awake.

The older dog comes in he has had enough play.
now he has to check out the house to see if IT is
still there. Have breakfast and take the first of his

Puppy stays out to play

Yep just another Monday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


There is a damn little fly in my house

(worse than a mouse)

He likes to buzz around and land on me

It is driving me nuts.

Not only that but the dog is whining to go out

(twenty five times a day)

That is probably how the damn little fly got in

when I opened the door for my senile dog.

I really shouldn’t complain

He is not the biting kind that harassed me

on past vacations at the lake

I have misquotes for that thank you

(they got me last night and I spent the whole

evening scratching)

But he is annoying

this damn little fly

And besides landing on my skin and walking around

he is too fast for me

Flies away before I can swat him.

Don't worry I will get him

or perhaps he will leave when I let the dog out again

Damn little (annoying) fly.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spam Poetry

My Spam folder has taken to writing poetry. This is the first offering.
Congratulations you have won £ 1,000,000,00 pounds sterling form the Uk National Lottery
Visitor Jaycole’s personal 80% off (this from VIAGRA best supplier.
It is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Final Notice)
Get Cash out of you house….
To get ED relief.
Then we have
Notification From Bank of America account
“”Complement of the Seasons”
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)?URGENT ATTENTION NEED…
Your MyLife Profile Has Been Enhanced
From: Miss Angela Bamba
Contact my secretary urgent
Order to Australia.
Gullible I may be - but not stupid.

I deleted them all.

Now (October 3, 2011) I find out about Spoetry