Thursday, August 28, 2008

It is a bright, bright day
Until you follow the road by the river
Then the sun and sky are blotted out
by overhanging branches
and images of very strange things
lurking in the shadows

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Capitol Fourth

They trotted out the "old guys!"
Jerry Lee and Huey Lewis (no relation)

heavier and more sedate than in their heyday.

but they still have IT! (Whatever IT is.)

The masses perform their tribal dance
"Whole lotta shakin goin on."

Goodness Gracious - Great balls of Fireworks!

We celebrate the 232nd Fourth.

God Bless - God Bless America!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


He is an annoying little man.
I imagine his mother liked him
but she was probably annoying also.

He has an opinion about everything
and shares it whether we want to hear it
or not.

My mother warned me that
“short people” were obnoxious
(some of the time)
I have met some who weren’t.

But this guy is just annoying.
He thinks I want to know what he thinks
about everything.

I don’t!

I know some other guys that way.
Some who mumble
some who shout
Some who only want to be my friend
if I can give them something
or do something for them.

This guy isn’t like that
he is just annoying

and – of course,

I’m not.

April 23, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stone Flowers

Stone flowers growing on a hillside
above my great grandfather's farm.

The history of my town is buried here.
Some of the flowers are tall
most are small - stunted.

Walking among them I come across
old friends and family

Waiting there for me to join them.

I sometimes wonder if the garden
will run out of space.

Everybody there had a story to tell.
I wonder what it was.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


you’ve got mail

i get excited.
someone is contacting me.

who can it be
a family member with an update on great uncle charlie

a friend with a clever movie or joke
these things fly around cyberspace with the speed of light

my sister with news about her cat
it’s ok, i tell her about my dog

a lodge brother responding to my question
(which he almost never does)
i'll continue to wait and hope

someone who wants to go out to lunch
or just another routine reminder from an automated alert

nope, not today
just another coupon

well at least i will eat well
and cheaply

Jay Cole Simser,
March 4, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

An Appreciation

We share our world with wonderful creatures
Whales, wolves and elegant butterflies
Majestic elephants, eagles and some everyday critters

Tiny grubs (good for eating if you are starving)
Lobsters and shrimp (good for eating any time)
Sexy spiders (who eat their mates)
White tigers (who will eat anyone)

We share this world with a myriad of creatures

Waiting for us to enjoy them.
Some are huge – others tiny
All are marvels and make us wonder
How did this diversity develop?
What is our responsibility to them all?

Or are we just another part of the total picture
Playing out our role unconscious that what we do
Is just part of the whole scheme of some super being in the cloud
Who watches us as we watch the wonderful creatures put here with us.
Are we just “fish in a bowl” swimming our existence around and around
Unaware of anything but the now?

Or are we here to learn to appreciate this myriad of living creatures
And preserve and conserve it?
Maintaining the wonder that is our universe.
Learning Love from puppies and kittens and even wolves
Who all have that one basic emotion bestowed upon us
By the Creator – To whom I will be forever grateful for giving me the
power to appreciate ALL that has been made.