Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I Have No Doubt That

I have no doubt that it is global warming that is contributing to the strength of recent hurricanes.
I have no doubt that there is global warming.
I have no doubt that our wasteful way of living has contributed to the speeding up of the situation.
I have no doubt that ignoring the plight of the poorest of those in our world
(just ONE world no more)
to pander to the business of the few is evil.
I have no doubt that the rape of our lands will eventually destroy the very world in which we live.
I have no doubt that our world can be a good place to live – for the rich, the few.
I have no doubt that the religions of Jesus has been hijacked by self-righteous prigs who DO NOT understand what he meant when he said, “I have come that they might have life more abundantly.”

I have no doubt that there is no place to move. Our fragile planet is all we have.

I also have no doubt that if mankind wants to they can come together and use their collective knowledge to solve the problems we have caused.

When we take self-interest out of our reasoning
And put in sincere compassion and self sacrifice into the mix
When we look to the interest of all mankind and not just a few
And tolerate no exploitation of anyone ANYWHERE!

When we sit down together with our fellows and realize that everyone has the right to a good life, and then work toward solutions to our problems, not worrying about religious beliefs and how to please God-in-the sky and worry instead about how to bring the best life for everyone within the limited resources which we have.

I have no doubt that we can become the solution instead of the problem.

Sometime I just get frustrated with the politicians and their pat answers and ignoring the problems which need solving and could  be solved that I need to write a "therapy" poem.  This is one of them.

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