Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Nature's Public Art

To The Tree
On The South Side Of The City Hall (Nature’s Public Art)

You’ve rushed to put on your new dress.
( Are you planning to wear it to the Harvest Ball?)

Some of your neighbors have begun to try on their jewels.
But you stand there – resplendent – alone – in autumnal glory!

Others cling to their summer frocks but, trend setter that you are, you couldn’t wait to show off your newest gown.

Some seeing your splendor, and knowing that they cannot compete, have disrobed and retired to their winter beds.

Soon the rest will put on their colorful Ball finery – but none can match your beautiful display.

At Church one Sunday Marnie Goeppinger commented on the beautiful tree by the Ames City Hall.  I drove down to look and this is the result.  The picture is not the actual tree.)

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