Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Ladies Who Lunch

The ladies have assembled around their luncheon table.
Harriet, Margaret, Susie and Mabel.

One by one they came to eat
to chat and visit – again to meet.

Smiles, laughs, greetings galore
friendship, love and purses on the floor.

They talk and share and order their lunch
You can tell they are a most friendly bunch

Getting together once a week
this gathering is not for the meek.

Their salads come and their forks they deploy
you can tell this is a luncheon they will enjoy.

They catch up on all the news
Sharing with one another their views.

No gossip here – they are not that type
But occasionally you will hear a gripe.

About a husband , son or some other man
Someone who should be hit over the head with a pan.

But – they are really too sweet, gentle and neat
And lunch is soon over – finished, complete.

Napkins are used and the bill is split
The ladies who lunch are ready to quit.

Hugs and kisses all around
Purses are picked up from the ground.

They are soon off to their afternoon pleasures
This is a luncheon that they will treasure.

The ladies have met once again for lunch
A most friendly, congenial , wonderful bunch.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

To Do

There are places in this world that I will never see.
People who I will never meet and
food that I will never eat.

But someone else will

There are roads over which I shall never travel
and bridges, that I shall never cross.
I may never travel to the moon

But someone else has.

There are poems, which I shall never write.
Some movies and plays will never be seen by me
and there are just too many books to read.

But someone else can.

There are songs to be written
Paintings to be painted
Dances to be danced.

By someone or something.

So get out there and do as much as you can
Do, Be, Become that someone.
Take pictures and write about it
Then share it with me.

So I can do it too.

October 7, 2007