Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On Being a Man?

You can cry at weddings and funerals
and no one knows it is because your heart is breaking.

You can choke up while singing “Amazing Grace”
and people will think it is because you are moved by the song.

It’s OK to let a tear slip out when the flag passes by or when the Diva sings “Un bel di” – They just think it’s natural. (If maybe a little too tender.)

Let them flow while driving home in the dark,
wishing for the comfort you can’t have.

But don’t let anyone know they are really falling for something lost.
Put on a façade for the world for you are a MAN!

You are not supposed to have feelings –
You are supposed to “buck it up” and “deal with it.”

You aren’t supposed to care,
At least not so anyone will know.

But then, I do… care that is -Perhaps too much
I just must learn to hide it.

So at night when I can’t sleep and my pillow is more than a little damp
I lie awake yearning for your (lost?) friendship

Grateful that I have love in my soul
For it is important to love.

So I will love you and send you my caring
And my love even if it is never returned

Be Loved - j

I know some guys that think it is bad for them to cry.  Nature gave us emotions and tear ducts to use and it is OK.   I found out that crying does help ease the hurt. You may never get over it but you can get past it and crying is a help.


Anonymous said...

Wow. So glad I found this on the WWW using tags on Google. This is really beautiful and moving. Was looking for a particular poem to add to my nephew's 21st birthday card and found yours. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This poem is so true. In the time when I feel alone and destroy I want to cry, but I can't cause im a man. "dont ever cry cause your a man" my dad says to me. thanks I needed your poem. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey jay its a gr8 poem n apt to my situation i am borrowing ur poem....thanx for writing n sharing such a wonderful poem........Thanks a ton for sharing....

Anonymous said...

Yeah Man, Ur words have genuine feeling of when we have to hide our tears from this world to prove we are strong enough and put a false sense of nothing happened.
Anyway, I dont believe in holding tears, they make me feel that whomever I love, I love her with all my heart...

Anonymous said...

Only real men cry, that is all.

Anonymous said...

awesome, and so true. And I thought I was ploughing a lonely furrow, but lo and behold, Jay shows us there are millions more just like me.