Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Most People

Most people sing just one song
give just one speech,
have just one conversation –
usually with themselves.

Most people dance
just one dance,
walk just one walk
Go to just one place - many times.

Most Rock Stars give the same concert
over and over.
Most comedians tell the same joke -
although sometimes with different punch lines.

Most Authors who write just one book
can do it many times.

Most politicians have just one idea –
usually someone else’s.
If you change your audience no one knows you are boring!

Some people however
Sing several songs,
Dance many dances,
Walk in different worlds.

Some people have endless conversations with many people.

Some people never listen
but others always do.

Some people stand out and stand up.

They are original, diverse, endlessly fascinating shining stars.

Jay Cole Simser
April 26, 2005

I went to a concert at Drake University one April evening and I enjoyed it very much. I bought two of the artist's CD recordings Over the next few days I listened to them and discovered that most of the songs sounded alike. That got me to thinking that the speeches that politicians and others give are probably like that also just tweaked a little to suit the situation and thus this poem was born.

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