Wednesday, July 4, 2007


In the movie “Mrs. Henderson Presents”
Mrs. Henderson is standing on top of the theater with her name on it
Watching bombs drop all over London.

There is a stark beauty to the scene and as she stands there watching.
She does not seem afraid. Because she knows that none of those bombs
Have her name on them.

The bullet that kills you is said to
Have your name on it.

When we finish something we put our name on it to show that
It belongs to us. And to no one else.
“Be sure to put your names on your paper!” the teacher says.

My aunt and uncle had each other’s names tattooed on their arms,
Inside hearts to show their love for each other.
That love lasted for years and years and years.

TV stars name shows after themselves.
No Ego there!

Names are important. In some cultures names are not shared
If someone knows your name they have power over you.
Jacob wrestled and asked for a blessing…instead he got a new name.
Moses listened to the burning bush and learned God’s Name.

We put names on our kids. Sometimes they change them
That is their choice. Some change them many times.
Some use one name here and another there. A. K. A.
Who are they hiding from?

Headstones put our names on life
To show that we were here.

Those bombs and bullets I mentioned earlier
Have been dropping all over the world since before I was born.
(So far none of them have had my name on it.)
I hope to keep it that way.

Businesses have names on them as do the products they make.
Brand Names have recognition. They cost more money.

Mention a name and it calls forth emotion.
“I like that name!!! “ “There is just something about that name I don’t like.”

When I finish this I will put my name on it.

Jay Cole Simser

I got the idea for this one as the first line says from the movie Mrs. Henderson Presents.  It is a great movie and encourage you to see it.

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