Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Internet is Down

My Internet is down!
It the same all over town.

I called Qwest and got shuffled around.
I waited for almost an hour.
Each minute my expression more sour

I feel helpless, I have no power
I can’t check my e-mail or write on my blog
My life has gone into an uncertain fog.

I am mired in an impassible bog.
How will I know what in the world is going on
I need a note from my friend Don

And Charlie, Paul, Taner and even Ron
I need to read the news and check my Americablog
And hunt for the perfect image of a frog.

The one that is sitting there on a log.
I finally connect with the DSL tech guy.
He is nice and pleasant - American as apple pie.

We talk and he checks the line – Oh, my!
“In your area we seem to have an outage
They are working on it – Now don’t get into a rage!”

I think this guy really earns his wage.
He is nice and pleasant – understanding too.
He knows I’m an Internet junkie through and through.

By the time with our phone call we are through
He promises to call me when things are fixed.
So I work on this poem with blessings, mixed.

And wait while the company does their tricks.
(Still waiting four hours later)

July 26, 2007

I found out later that it had been fixed earlier but they had not told me.  I felt disconnected to my world (cyber-space) and was really frustrated.

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