Wednesday, July 4, 2007

50's Sock Hop - 2005

Poodle skirts
Saddle shoes
Blue Jeans, penny loafers and white sox.

Listen to the music
From fifty years ago.

Watch, feet moving,
Hips twirling to the Twist.

Taking me back and I think I am in High School again.

Then I look up from feet and hips
And see lined faces and white hair.
Gosh, they look as old as me!

Then I look again and I see them as they once were
Just Kids – dancin’ and enjoyin’ themselves.

Steppin’ back in time and havin’ FUN!

Jay Cole Simser
June 25, 2005

The inspiration for this little poem was an actual sock hop with people dressed in the 50's complete with poodle skirts.  It was sponsored by the Order of the  
eastern Star.

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