Friday, April 17, 2009

Wordzzle/A Poem A Day

No time today so i had to combine Wordzzle and A Poem A day - Phrog will return next week.

For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem with the following title: "All I want is (blank)," where you fill in the blank with a word or phrase of your choosing. Some example titles, then, could be: "All I want is to eat fried chicken"; "All I want is world peace"; "All I want is for everyone to tell me I'm beautiful"; or "All I want is a handful of quarters."

All I Want is a Multi-purpose Poem

Two days after income tax day and I need some chicken noodle soup

either that or a hug from everyone in the group

For seventeen days I’ve been writing poetry

sitting around underneath the flowering plum tree

I think I have bats in the belfry for taking this on

The Salamander Sisters to the art festival have gone

They entered in a contest to jump rope in a group

while singing the song loopity loop

They’re sipping some organic tea

and singing to a wench who looks like me

(ugly woman)

She and her lover have joined a book club

they each brought a book and some Dutch Treat grub

She wore diamond earrings

and tigers on pins for bling blings

The cow jumped over the moon was the name of the book

They’ve read the prefix – it is about a paragon of virtue who was a crook.

Now they are finished with dinner and the book

This week's duties I did not shirk.

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