Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Poem A Day

Prompt #1: I want you to write a clean poem. Take this however you wish. Clean language, clean subject matter, or cleaning the dishes. Of course, some twisted few will automatically link "cleaning" with hired hitmen. That's okay, as long as your poem is somehow linked to clean.

Bright clean cover up
It fell during the night.
Covering the dirt
hiding the mud
But don't worry

In a few days it will melt
Then we will have mud again

Prompt #2: I want you to write a dirty poem. Take all that stuff I wrote in the first prompt and twist it upside down. The opposite of clean is dirty; so, do what ya gotta do to produce a dirty poem. (Gosh, I hope this challenge doesn't get too messy as a result.)

The dogs
love it.

Kids eat it
pigs roll in it
(or so the story goes)

The carpet shows it
and I
Well, I abhor it.

Can't we have the nice, clean snow back?

1 comment:

Nessa said...

Very nice opposing images.