Tuesday, April 28, 2009


For today's prompt, I want you to write a sestina. (Click here to find out the rules for sestinas.) So start figuring out your 6 end words and get writing.
But wait! Today is Tuesday, so you have one other option. You can write a poem about the sestina (your love, hate, frustration with, etc.).
Whether you decide to write a sestina or write about sestinas, remember to have fun. We're almost done!

A -rescue
B - magic
C - predict
D - house
E - computer
F - fathers

Last week I needed a rescue
It was going to take a lot of magic
and it would be hard to predict
if I could get off the roof of the house
I had my pocket computer
but did not have the numbers of my fathers.

Mother was married twice so I have two fathers
surely they would save me with a rescue
and it wouldn’t take any magic
but I could not predict
if they could find the house
after I dropped my computer

No one could predict
if I could even contact the fathers
and it was an enormous house
from which I needed a rescue
perhaps I could use some magic
to recall my fallen computer

I looked down to spot my computer
I was indeed in a predict(iment)
And I needed something besides magic
to get in touch with my mundane fathers
so at least one of them would come to my rescue
and get me off the roof of this damn house

This enormous big crummy house
where I had climbed to the top with my computer
and now we both needed a rescue
How will it end do you want to predict
will they come do you think, the fathers
or will it take some major magic

I began to conjure some minor magic
I inched slowly down to the side of the house
I looked below and saw them – the fathers
one of them held the computer
But no one could predict
If I would be saved and no longer need a rescue

For the-rescue didn’t need any magic
And you could not predict that a fall from the house
would cause the computer to signal the fathers


Not to crazy about this prompt but I finally did it. Whatever!
I got it written but will not try a sestina again - never!


Nessa said...

I found your sestina very interesting and this prompt was very difficult. I think this poem takes more than a day. I would like to try one later (much later, after some rest.)

Nabeel said...

Oh wow, that's a beautiful house. The architecture is unique, I love it.

~DK~ said...

Oh how fun! I haven't tried a sestina forever!

I really hope you didn't really climb out on the roof of that house! It looks treacherous!

I am enjoying your poetry very much Jay! Thank you for pointing me to your blog!

Kat Mortensen said...

I found this a great ride! The effect of the action escalating really kept my attention and I found quite a lot of humour in it as well. I think you should keep writing sestinas - this one was very good.