Monday, December 31, 2001

Christmas Thoughts

I wrote this is 1978. Not great poetry but I wanted to share.

Christmas - 1978

If all my friends would listen
                        to what I have to say..
If they would lend an ear to me
                        on this bright Christmas Day.
They’d learn my wish for each of them
                        for Christian - Moslem - Jew
A wish that comes straight from my heart
                       for me - for mine - for you

To wish for everyone to know
                       that Christmas is for all
For each and every person who lives
                       upon this ball!
It’s a time to stop - and clasp our hands
                       in love.
That’s the real Christmas message
                        sent to us from above

For God is one and One is One
                       if on this we can agree
Then truly this would be our
                       world harmonious and free.
You see - God is Love
                       and we are His.
And that’s the Holy Truth!

Yes- Christmas is for everyone
                       to love and hope and feel
Not just a day for giving gifts
                       and every that big meal.
It’s not a day just for Christians
                        to meet and celebrate

It is a day for everyone
                        to love - and end all hate.

                                           Jay Cole Simser

                                            December 1, 1978

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