Thursday, August 19, 2010


There is a damn little fly in my house

(worse than a mouse)

He likes to buzz around and land on me

It is driving me nuts.

Not only that but the dog is whining to go out

(twenty five times a day)

That is probably how the damn little fly got in

when I opened the door for my senile dog.

I really shouldn’t complain

He is not the biting kind that harassed me

on past vacations at the lake

I have misquotes for that thank you

(they got me last night and I spent the whole

evening scratching)

But he is annoying

this damn little fly

And besides landing on my skin and walking around

he is too fast for me

Flies away before I can swat him.

Don't worry I will get him

or perhaps he will leave when I let the dog out again

Damn little (annoying) fly.


Nessa said...

This was a fun way to deal with the pesky little critter.

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

We name our random flies "Homer" and try to consider them random pets. It makes us smile and obviates the need to exterminate them.

Nice to have found your poetry, Jay.