Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spam Poetry

My Spam folder has taken to writing poetry. This is the first offering.
Congratulations you have won £ 1,000,000,00 pounds sterling form the Uk National Lottery
Visitor Jaycole’s personal 80% off (this from VIAGRA best supplier.
It is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Final Notice)
Get Cash out of you house….
To get ED relief.
Then we have
Notification From Bank of America account
“”Complement of the Seasons”
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)?URGENT ATTENTION NEED…
Your MyLife Profile Has Been Enhanced
From: Miss Angela Bamba
Contact my secretary urgent
Order to Australia.
Gullible I may be - but not stupid.

I deleted them all.

Now (October 3, 2011) I find out about Spoetry

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