Friday, March 16, 2012

First the extremities
  Slowly intruding on the sound
              Of a male Cardinal searching for a mate.

Awareness moves
   I hear the cars driving
    To work.   It was so nice to sleep with the windows open
Cars filled with those who have to be someplace

Stretching – get the blood flowing
          Muscles wake up more slowly than the ears

I smell the coffee waiting in the Kitchen
           Mr. Coffee has done his duty once again.

Dry – thirsty,  there is still ice in the glass
                                              Lovely cold taste,

Mr. Cardinal still calling -  He is very eager,

OK, time to open my eyes – Light
         Soft, muted the sun is up but it is a foggy day

Pressure – I guess I need to move. 

Good Morning World, I am glad you are still here.

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