Friday, January 18, 2008

An Appreciation

We share our world with wonderful creatures
Whales, wolves and elegant butterflies
Majestic elephants, eagles and some everyday critters

Tiny grubs (good for eating if you are starving)
Lobsters and shrimp (good for eating any time)
Sexy spiders (who eat their mates)
White tigers (who will eat anyone)

We share this world with a myriad of creatures

Waiting for us to enjoy them.
Some are huge – others tiny
All are marvels and make us wonder
How did this diversity develop?
What is our responsibility to them all?

Or are we just another part of the total picture
Playing out our role unconscious that what we do
Is just part of the whole scheme of some super being in the cloud
Who watches us as we watch the wonderful creatures put here with us.
Are we just “fish in a bowl” swimming our existence around and around
Unaware of anything but the now?

Or are we here to learn to appreciate this myriad of living creatures
And preserve and conserve it?
Maintaining the wonder that is our universe.
Learning Love from puppies and kittens and even wolves
Who all have that one basic emotion bestowed upon us
By the Creator – To whom I will be forever grateful for giving me the
power to appreciate ALL that has been made.