Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Third Degree

Once again the drama unfolds
Parts are played and lessons told

A Brother enters - hoodwinked, unaware
Of what fell doings will happen there.

He need not fear, the Craft is kind.
‘tis a great lesson which he will find.

The Obligation is taken yet one more time
and still another vow is made.

Since ancient times Brothers learn and grow
This sacred mystery to know.

To learn to be a Master subduing all strife
Brothers helping Brothers throughout life

No secrets here - the truth is for all to know
To study, to learn, and always to grow.

To find God’s reward at the end of the search
A Master Mason, a Brother, a true friend each.

Lodge is a school and our life a study, we work together and once again
The drama unfolds, parts are played and we learn to be men.

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