Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thanks Mom

My mother wasn’t a saint.
And I wouldn’t have wanted her to be.

She liked to have fun
and she raised her kids on her own.
(with a little help from family and friends.)

But she was my MOM
She gave a lot to us and taught us how to live.
How to be a friend and how to give
How to care and how to love.

She didn’t have all the things her sisters had
But in the end I think she had lots more.
We were most fortunate in our Mother
my sister and I and we know it.
We love our aunts but were glad Ruthie was our Mom.

We never lose our loved ones.
They are always with us.
Sometimes we forget
Sometimes we lose our way
and I want to say thanks for reminding me of my Mom
and what she said to me.
“Don’t let one person spoil something you enjoy.”
Thanks, Mom!

We never lose our mothers when they die.  They remain with us no matter what.   I was very fortunate in my mother.

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