Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Thoughts

I wrote this is 1978. Not great poetry but I wanted to share.

Christmas - 1978

If all my friends would listen
                        to what I have to say..
If they would lend an ear to me
                        on this bright Christmas Day.
They’d learn my wish for each of them
                        for Christian - Moslem - Jew
A wish that comes straight from my heart
                       for me - for mine - for you

To wish for everyone to know
                       that Christmas is for all
For each and every person who lives
                       upon this ball!
It’s a time to stop - and clasp our hands
                       in love.
That’s the real Christmas message
                        sent to us from above

For God is one and One is One
                       if on this we can agree
Then truly this would be our
                       world harmonious and free.
You see - God is Love
                       and we are His.
And that’s the Holy Truth!

Yes- Christmas is for everyone
                       to love and hope and feel
Not just a day for giving gifts
                       and every that big meal.
It’s not a day just for Christians
                        to meet and celebrate

It is a day for everyone
                        to love - and end all hate.

                                           Jay Cole Simser

                                            December 1, 1978

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

“Are you a Christian?”

“Are you a Christian?”

That was the first thing he said to me,
"Are you a Christian?"

Well, I was raised a Methodist.
Isn’t that a Christian?

I had just moved off Campus and he lived in the rooming house
He came into my room and asked
"Are you a Christian?"

It was the first time I had ever had a stranger ask me that.
And he was a stranger ... and strange.

Evidently not enough of a Christian for him.
"Are you a Christian?"

I told him yes, but I did not fit HIS definition of
a REAL Christian.

You see I did not go to
his Church.  My beliefs did not fit his
mold for being a Christian.

Never mind that I accepted
the teaching of the Christ..

Never mind that the Golden Rule was my guide stone
or that I believed in giving to the poor.

I had to be “saved” and “going to heaven”
Wherever that is?

"Are you a Christian?"

I’ve been thinking about that question for
a long time -  50 years off and on now.
"Are you a Christian?"

What did I look like?  A Hindu, a Moslem, a Sikh
Wiccan, Episcopalian;
Quaker, Mormon, Jew?
What does a Christian look like?

There are so many different kinds -- (33,000+)
sort of like all the different apples that grow on trees,
or  the various peas in a pod; alike but so different.

Over the years I have attended, Methodist, Catholic, Episcopal,
Congregational, Episcopal, Lutheran (who don’t like to pray with me because my idea of God might be different from theirs) Christian Science, Unity, Unitarian and I am sure there are some others.

I used to pray out loud but decided that the
“divine auditory nerve” didn’t need to hear from me
since He/She probably already knew what I wanted.
And besides the Master told me to “pray in secret” so I do.

Silently in the silence of my heart.

I used to go to church 
but didn’t find many people there following in His footsteps. 

Besides the smell of flowers is much better that that of incense
and the song of birds in the forest is grander than any choir.
               and so all the world is my church.

There are many paths to the top of the mountain but
“the view is always the same.” 
All the various religions will get me there
or for that matter if I don’t want to believe in one
I will still get there because God made us all and
keeps us all, in His Mind.

Each person is like a snowflake, unique, individual one-of-a-kind.
(If a snowflake can be unlike any other snowflake so can a person) 

One in all of time.

"Are you a Christian?"
Well, more of a Christian than you, I think.
The guy who used to come home from the bars
Singing “Nearer my God to Thee,” at 2:30 in the morning
Was probably more of a Christian than any of us..
Because he celebrated the JOY of being and that is
What Christianity is all about.

January 7, 2013

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Poised for tomorrow

Photo by Ihsan Zaatari - used with permission

Poised for tomorrow

There she stands
Just starting her journey
All dressed up in her flowered dress
and pretty pink hat

Looking forward to the future.
There are shadows on her path -
dark things which obscure
the brightness of her being

But she can see ahead
there just at the curve
the path is bright and clear
unobscured - ready for her

ready for her as she starts out
her world is getting broader
brighter, less limited
for her and her sisters
all of them

Poised for the future
ready for what tomorrow will bring
embracing the full rich life
that awaits her.

Jay Cole Simser
June 24, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

First the extremities
  Slowly intruding on the sound
              Of a male Cardinal searching for a mate.

Awareness moves
   I hear the cars driving
    To work.   It was so nice to sleep with the windows open
Cars filled with those who have to be someplace

Stretching – get the blood flowing
          Muscles wake up more slowly than the ears

I smell the coffee waiting in the Kitchen
           Mr. Coffee has done his duty once again.

Dry – thirsty,  there is still ice in the glass
                                              Lovely cold taste,

Mr. Cardinal still calling -  He is very eager,

OK, time to open my eyes – Light
         Soft, muted the sun is up but it is a foggy day

Pressure – I guess I need to move. 

Good Morning World, I am glad you are still here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Waking up to the sound of coffee
being brewed in the automatic pot...

A delicious aroma permeates the atmosphere...
I luxuriate in knowing I do not have to be anywhere today.

Eventually I get up from my chair (where I have slept) and stumble to the kitchen,  Carafe and cup in hand..

I turned on the computer and as I go it tells me I have mail...
Turns out to be mostly spam but there are a couple of conversations
that need completion from the night before.

The dog gets let out and comes right back in (it is starting to be cold outside)
I bring the coffee back to the chair and pick up the lap top.
Must check with my peeps.

another day, jumpstarted.

I love being retired.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Another Monday morning
The "boys" are out back checking
to see if the yard is still there.

Peeing in the grass
sniffing around
The big puppy wants to play
the older dog not so much
He is somewhat senile and arthritic
sort of like me

15 years for him is 105 you know

A whisper bumps up against my leg
Kitty cat wants me to recognize that she
also is awake.

The older dog comes in he has had enough play.
now he has to check out the house to see if IT is
still there. Have breakfast and take the first of his

Puppy stays out to play

Yep just another Monday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


There is a damn little fly in my house

(worse than a mouse)

He likes to buzz around and land on me

It is driving me nuts.

Not only that but the dog is whining to go out

(twenty five times a day)

That is probably how the damn little fly got in

when I opened the door for my senile dog.

I really shouldn’t complain

He is not the biting kind that harassed me

on past vacations at the lake

I have misquotes for that thank you

(they got me last night and I spent the whole

evening scratching)

But he is annoying

this damn little fly

And besides landing on my skin and walking around

he is too fast for me

Flies away before I can swat him.

Don't worry I will get him

or perhaps he will leave when I let the dog out again

Damn little (annoying) fly.